Friday, 13 December 2013

Finally Successful: Copper Etching

Do you know this feeling, when you know, you have practiced something once... but you did not remember how to do anymore? Same happened with me and the etching of copper.
But now, 10 years later, I've got the right prescription again, using photomask and FeIIIclorid.
Some samples:
Letters and etched copper-cliché
This cliché I've etched into a deep of 0.4mm. For small letterpress clichés just enough.

Embossing cliché

For this embossing cliché I used a 2mm copper-plate and a etching of 0.7mm. In future will use 1.5mm copper-plates for better fitting on the letter-press metal-blocs.
Another problem, you can see here: the holes in the surface of the cliché. The ink-jet-printer did not print a closed surface. Because of the long etching-time also the micro-dots in the surface became a deep.
But now, with a new type of ink-jet-film I could solve this problem. By the way: with analog film you will not get this problem ;-)

And now the result of the printing/embossing:

Printed with ADANA 8x5. Very used letters and less pressure, 'cause of the thin letters in the right corner. the way, the etching of photo-clichés ist more simple, because you need a deep of about 0.1-0.2mm only:

The print:
Picture etching with 60lines/cm. White lines in the frame are made by hand. Printed with ADANA 5x8.
The problem:
Paint-splatter in the red marked area.
...because of the low etching, paint-splatter gathering in the deepest area of the cliché.
This parts must be cutten deeper by hand, after etching...

I would be happy, if you tell me about your success and problems of cliché-etching.
Have a nice print-time.

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