Sunday, 10 July 2016

Quick&Dirty Thermofax, some Trouble-Shooting

A. At first I thought, that the Riso-Master has the same qualities, then the Gestetner "CopyMaster.
But it is not...
This Thermofax-Screenprintig is only possible with the Master-Film from Gestetner!

1. Just I' ve tried to make a "Gestetner-Master" with a bigger black area. The copy-machine became to hot, and the "Riso-Master" wrinkles.
It helps to use a black paper as carrier (it takes a part of the heat), and to screen (80%) the black area.
Additional, you should start with black areas, when the copy-machine is still cold.

2. Metallic-colors. They are not printable. The pigments of this colors are too big for the "Gestetner-Master".

3. Cover-tape-frame. I don't use it anymore. So the waves, I make while printing, become flat after every print. "Riso-Masters" with tape-frame became more wrinkles after printig a while.
And now I use less pressure, while printig.

Hope this will helps you

PS. I' ve tried some fonts. "Gill sans", normal, 9 pt, or bigger, works fine.

PPS. I've 2 of this Tattoo-Copy-Machines. Now, after some days useing them, one has a slack joint. The result are stripes in the motive, when I don't "kick" the machine.
The other machine becomes too hot. That means, only lines can be copied, without wrinkles...
...shall I buy a third one?
Still, I love this thermofax... The results are sooo 70th ;-)

Friday, 1 July 2016

Cheapest Thermofax-Screenprinting "quick and dirty"

I suppose, you know the basics of screen-printing and/ or Thermofax-Screenprinting.If not, please take a peak to the many videos about at youtube.

Thermofax-Screenprinting is not new, but I suggest,  the way I've found out, is the cheapest and quickest of all.
Do you know "Risography"? It is a kind of digital thermofax-screen-printing. Also used from Gestetner as "CopyPrinter".
And on your way throug the "bay", you shurly have seen the cheap Themofax-machines used as Tattoo-tools.
This are the both things I use for my thermofax-printing.
The Gestetner Copy-Master-Film ist often seen for USD 15.–/ 100m x 0.23m.
The Tattoo-Thermofax-machine you can get for about USD 135.– (or equivalent, in Europe).

Now you' ve to calculate: 100m x 0.23m are about 300 Screens in A4!
I use this technic mainly for A5 / A6 = Postcards, that means 600 or more Screens for USD 15.-

The Thermofax-Machine is... made in China. The nice LEDs are only fake, but ist works in its simple way, and that is, what we wont for this little money.
There is a similar Machine with USB-Connectiv, but I've not used is up to now. It is only for Windows. I'm Mac-user.

Handling Thermofax quick and dirty:

1. Draw your image, or print it out in the size 1:1, only black and white.
You can use Photoshop to raster an imagine, you can use also 4C-Prints.
2. Prepare the color. For printing on paper, I use Acrylic CMYC-Colors + Black / and Lascaux-Retarter.
For printing on fabric (T-Shirts), use the colours you have.
3. Prepare the print-base. I use a glass/acryl-glass with marker for the right position of the paper.
Then I'm attaching the Riso/Copy-Master -Film directly on the glass.
4. Mount the Film on a carrier of A4-paper, as seen in the pic.
5. Copy the imagine with the Thermofax-machine on the Film.
6. Print and enjoy your art.
6a. For printing, I use a window squeegee, cutten to the right size.

Gestetners "Riso-Master-Film"

The Tattoo-Thermofax-Machine from China

The colours I use for the printing on paper.
Thermofaxing: the "CopyMaster-Film" mounted on an A4-Paper-Carrier obove, the original below (upside down).

Printing. Often I protect the very thin "CopyMaster-Film" with cover-tape.

Printing the 2nd color of a two-color-print.

Size A6: 2-color-Thermofax-Print. Screened with Photoshop.

(the same like above)

Size A6: 4-color-Thermofax-Screenprint.

The different angels of the screen-dots. Traditional Yellow = 0°, Cyan = 15°, Black = 45°, Magenta = 75°.
Now I'm curious about your work. Would be nice, if you mail it to me:

Happy printing

PS.: if you are from St.Gallen/Switzerland look here > Kurse in St.Gallen