Friday 9 May 2014

Sunday, Mai 18th: int. MuseumsDay

"Networking" is the theme of the international museums-day 2014.
Our network begins in the "Museum Point Jaune", St.Gallen, Switzerland.
Whats will happen then:
For our visitors we have the unique "Klappbügel-Presse" prepared + some cliches.
Now they can print (letterpress) their graphic by choosing the pattern (cliches), the colors (CMYK) in the size of 8 cicero on paper 5 x 5 cm.
After, they will frame one print, take it to their home and take a photo of this inside their flat (or at an other famous location).
The pic will be send to the blog and published there together with a scan of the grafic.
The blog is open for discussion, suggestions,...

So, if you in St.Gallen at the int. Museums-Day, feel free to visit the Point Jaune - Museum, Linsebühlstr.77.

CU? ...would be nice