Wednesday 21 February 2018

This not a Thermofax-Blog ;-) Latest News about "Klappbügelpresse"

..after so many experiments & experiences with Thermofax-Printing, last night I went back to a traditionell print-technique with 2 Mini Presses:
I've printed copper-etchings with:

a Marcato Pasta-Machine

..and with my DIY "Klappbügelpresse" (see here: Sunday, Mai 18th)

"Klappbügelpresse"print-area 4 x 4 cm, paper-size 5x5 cm. Build for Letterpress, but works with  copper-etching, too. (Here seen with a photo-polymere-clichée.)
"Pasta-Print" / Copper-etching / "Klappbügel-Print"
(see above)