Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Thermofax-Printing "quick&dirty" unleashed

At first the result, size 29 x 40 cm, 5 colors, 2 rainbow-prints:

The complete Thermofax-Print, size A3.
And in this way I began:

The CopyPrinter-Master size 20 x 42 cm, with tape at the small edges.

Thermo-printing with the Brother CJ-723.
The Master is mounted on a paper. Printig upside down.

The first color (lightblue), printed in 2 tracks.

1st track of the 2nd color (dark blue).

Now both tracks are printed in dark blue.

3rd color: rainbow-print of green and brown.

4th color: rainbow-print of brown and black.

...the 5th color is black.

And the last color is copper:
Situation shot: printing copper-metallic.
The copper-color-print of the fish.
Some new experiances:
> with the Brother PJ-723 it is possible to burn "infinity" CopyPrinter-Masters, in the width of max. 21cm. I use only 20cm, because the angel of retraction must be very, very 90°.
> When burning the Master, it becomes longer... and more length, when getting wet by color and streched by the squeegee, and I'm talking about cm!
If you want a matching of the different color, you should swage the picture with your program before printing on the Master.
> Printing with metallic-colors... is not so easy. This time I printed the "salmon" several times, with drying inbetween with a hair-dryer.
The color sticked the Master very quick, so I used for every picture a new Master-film, because the material is very cheap. If you have only one burned Master, you better wash it out.

Nevertheless, it was a very good experiance with the "quick&dirty" thermofax-printing.
Now I know, how I can print very quick in very big sizes...
Ok, Andy Warhol did it before, but he used the "complex" screen-printing-system.

I wish you nice celebration-days... with large prints ;o)

Friday, 16 December 2016

Risography vs. Thermofax "quick&dirty"?

Risography / Gestetner Copy-Printer........Thermofax "quick&dirty"

size up to A3 (29.7 x 42 cm).......................size up to A4, easier printabel,
                                                                     when smaller, with some tricks
                                                                     "endless" sizes possible see here:

a lot of colors possible, ................................a lot of colors useable,
but every next color                                       quick & easy exchangeable
needs an excange of the                                 you can mix the color-tone
color-drum,                                                    you like
only the Riso-colors are useable,                 
the owner has in his print-store

you can only print on can print on EVERY material,
                                                                      (paper, fabric, plastic, metal...)
                                                                      color-system has to match 

costs: machine = ...........................................tatoo-copy-machine=
USD/ € 7'000.– +                                         USD/ € 140.- + /
or costs, the print-store asks for                    Brother Copy-Jet =
                                                                      USD/ €  520.– +
               material costs are the nearly the same with both systems

analog and digital templates..........................only analog templates with
are possible                                                    tatoo copy-machine
                                                                       digital templates with the
                                                                       Brother Copy-Jet
                                                                       (analog themplates must be
                                                                       scanned before)

only one color/ print possible......................."Iris-print" possible (two, or more
                                                                      colors on one "screen")

machine-print................................................original artists hand-print

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Thermofax-Printing with a CasioWriter CW-16

The CasioWriter CW-16 without ribbon.

Just reading in the manual about the CasioWriter CW-16, that this typwriter works without ribbon, "when thermal paper is employed". Wow - so I used it with my Gestetner-Copy-Master, mounted as usually.
& here is the print:

Ooops, the words are mirrored, when printed.
Ok, lets try to use the Copy-Master from its backside:

Ok, I wanted to write, " have to print on clear..."
It works ;-)
The back-side-print has more fringe edges... but this small letters are good readable.
My tip for your next invitation-card: use an old thermo-typewriter for the text.

printed from the usual side

printed from the back side

Have a nice time, when printing your x-mas cards...this year with pics & words (poems?)

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Thermofax Printing with Brother Pocket-Jet 723

I know, this thermofax-printer (max. A4) is not cheap, but make it able to print directly from your Mac/PC.

PJ723, Thermofax-film mounted on a 80g/qm-paper, size A5.

Additional the driver offers you the possibility to use a very fine screening.
Sorry, I using a german driver.
The result are speckles, you know from an ink-jet-printer, very fine... so fine, that it is not easy to adjust the paper under the Gestetner-thermofax-film.
Now I make the first print on an fixed transparency, under this I adjust the paper I use for printing.

Here is the result from my 1st 4C*)-thermofax-handprinting:

4-Color Thermofax Hand-Printing, Postcard.

Here you can see the speckles the driver makes.
Happy printing

The Brother PJ723 likes it very clean, but when printig on the Gestetner-Film the plastic-surface evaporate.
To keep the Pocket-Jet clean you have to make one, ore two PRINTS on simple, clean paper.
*) 4color-seperation made with Photoshop.
Ok, after printing you can see nothing on the paper, but you can feel the plastic on the surface of the paper.

Thermo-Fax-Printable Metallic-Acryl found.

Some times befor I wrote, that it is not possible to use in this special thermofax-print, metallic-acryl-colors. But now I've found a printable acryl-color:

It's on you, to test the colors you like... good luck ;-)

Ooops, sample forgotten: results with pure black/white pictures (no shades of gray ;-)