Monday 29 September 2014

From a 3D-Print to a 2D-Print

I know, it sounds crazy, 
but on the other side it offers a lot of possibilities to people who works with letter-press.

Here the both printing machines:
left: a Replicator-Clone, right: an ADANA 8x5

Yes, I know, I had to flip the "cliché" horizontal ;-)
The design is made by "Blender" (my first trial),
printed with the 3D-Printer (+ grid)
high = 1.7 mm, mount on a plate of wood.

The Print.
After sanding the cliché (above) the print comes better...

My alternative is etching copper. That is more exactly, but needs more time.
So it can be an option to print the cliché with a 3D-Printer...

(You are invited to write here about your ideas, experiences.)