Sunday 10 July 2016

Quick&Dirty Thermofax, some Trouble-Shooting

A. At first I thought, that the Riso-Master has the same qualities, then the Gestetner "CopyMaster.
But it is not...
This Thermofax-Screenprintig is only possible with the Master-Film from Gestetner!

1. Just I' ve tried to make a "Gestetner-Master" with a bigger black area. The copy-machine became to hot, and the "Riso-Master" wrinkles.
It helps to use a black paper as carrier (it takes a part of the heat), and to screen (80%) the black area.
Additional, you should start with black areas, when the copy-machine is still cold.

2. Metallic-colors. They are not printable. The pigments of this colors are too big for the "Gestetner-Master".

3. Cover-tape-frame. I don't use it anymore. So the waves, I make while printing, become flat after every print. "Riso-Masters" with tape-frame became more wrinkles after printig a while.
And now I use less pressure, while printig.

Hope this will helps you

PS. I' ve tried some fonts. "Gill sans", normal, 9 pt, or bigger, works fine.

PPS. I've 2 of this Tattoo-Copy-Machines. Now, after some days useing them, one has a slack joint. The result are stripes in the motive, when I don't "kick" the machine.
The other machine becomes too hot. That means, only lines can be copied, without wrinkles...
...shall I buy a third one?
Still, I love this thermofax... The results are sooo 70th ;-)

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