Monday 19 March 2018

Thermo again, but this time in Intaglio

You know Dry-Point-Intaglio. Often used with plates of artificial-glass.
Now I've found out a technic, I call it "Hot-Point-Intaglio".
First prints (not really art, but try-outs), I've printed with the pasta-press.
I've used PET, available in DoIt-Shops, thickness 0,7 mm, from a roll.
With the first contact with a hotgun, it becomes flat - very nice.
I warmed it up an pressed it at first with a 40er sand-paper (today I think 80er would be better).
The structure of the impressed sand-paper, I could flatten at a small a part (red arrow), to look how I can made an Mezzotinto-Effect with this technic.
I've printed the first color (blue) and sanded the plate with 240er, to see, how much color will be take into the plate now. I've printed the plate in red. ... and also a red print over the blue one.

left the PET-Plate (sorry, upside down), the blue print, with the retouched  part (red arrow), to  test the mezzotints-style. under this the red print, smoothed with 240er sand-paper. Right the print with two colors.
The PET-Plate with hot impressed sand-paper and some scratches.

Later I've had the idea to press the sand-paper a second time on the plate, but when I heated the plate, the surface becomes flat again, no structure anymore ;(
So took a new plate, pressed ist with the sand-paper ad put some hot metal-pices on the plat. It works, but the small items sticked in the surface...
Ok. It was just the 2nd try. I printed it in blue...

Left on the Pasta-Press the plate with some pieces from a clock, beside the print in blue.

I will continue the experiments with heating PET... I hope this was stimulating for you, too.

Have a nice Print-Day.

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