Sunday, 27 January 2019

1st. Photo-Print from Laser Xylogravur

Yesternight I've been more successful in laser-engraving wooden-blocks and printing them.
I used 2 colors, 1st. blue, 2nd. in black. Also I used 2 different kinds of wood... with two different thickness. So I've had some problems with adjusting the hight of the two blocks, 'cause I printed both colors "wet in wet"".
But I was too curious to see a result... and it works... not sooo good as I hoped, but... take a look by yourself:

1st. print from a Laser-Xylogravur-Photo.
Scanned from a 4.5 x 6 cm Negative (Mamiya).

Also successful: my try-out to engrave and print plain text (Times) in a ca. 11 Pt.-Letters.

The print-block.

The print.
...may be, next I print a whole magazine in this way ;o)

PS.: the Google translation into English is more funny, then my poem:
"Once upon a time, there was a man,
Who read what he can do.
And after the lasers
He drank glasses."

PS.: today I've seen, that I'm not really the first, who engraves wood with a laser and use the block for printing, Tina Gardiakos did it in 2015.

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