Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Thermofax-Printing "quick&dirty" unleashed

At first the result, size 29 x 40 cm, 5 colors, 2 rainbow-prints:

The complete Thermofax-Print, size A3.
And in this way I began:

The CopyPrinter-Master size 20 x 42 cm, with tape at the small edges.

Thermo-printing with the Brother CJ-723.
The Master is mounted on a paper. Printig upside down.

The first color (lightblue), printed in 2 tracks.

1st track of the 2nd color (dark blue).

Now both tracks are printed in dark blue.

3rd color: rainbow-print of green and brown.

4th color: rainbow-print of brown and black.

...the 5th color is black.

And the last color is copper:
Situation shot: printing copper-metallic.
The copper-color-print of the fish.
Some new experiances:
> with the Brother PJ-723 it is possible to burn "infinity" CopyPrinter-Masters, in the width of max. 21cm. I use only 20cm, because the angel of retraction must be very, very 90°.
> When burning the Master, it becomes longer... and more length, when getting wet by color and streched by the squeegee, and I'm talking about cm!
If you want a matching of the different color, you should swage the picture with your program before printing on the Master.
> Printing with metallic-colors... is not so easy. This time I printed the "salmon" several times, with drying inbetween with a hair-dryer.
The color sticked the Master very quick, so I used for every picture a new Master-film, because the material is very cheap. If you have only one burned Master, you better wash it out.

Nevertheless, it was a very good experiance with the "quick&dirty" thermofax-printing.
Now I know, how I can print very quick in very big sizes...
Ok, Andy Warhol did it before, but he used the "complex" screen-printing-system.

I wish you nice celebration-days... with large prints ;o)

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