Sunday, 11 December 2016

Thermofax-Printing with a CasioWriter CW-16

The CasioWriter CW-16 without ribbon.

Just reading in the manual about the CasioWriter CW-16, that this typwriter works without ribbon, "when thermal paper is employed". Wow - so I used it with my Gestetner-Copy-Master, mounted as usually.
& here is the print:

Ooops, the words are mirrored, when printed.
Ok, lets try to use the Copy-Master from its backside:

Ok, I wanted to write, " have to print on clear..."
It works ;-)
The back-side-print has more fringe edges... but this small letters are good readable.
My tip for your next invitation-card: use an old thermo-typewriter for the text.

printed from the usual side

printed from the back side

Have a nice time, when printing your x-mas cards...this year with pics & words (poems?)

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