Saturday, 3 December 2016

Thermofax Printing with Brother Pocket-Jet 723

I know, this thermofax-printer (max. A4) is not cheap, but make it able to print directly from your Mac/PC.

PJ723, Thermofax-film mounted on a 80g/qm-paper, size A5.

Additional the driver offers you the possibility to use a very fine screening.
Sorry, I using a german driver.
The result are speckles, you know from an ink-jet-printer, very fine... so fine, that it is not easy to adjust the paper under the Gestetner-thermofax-film.
Now I make the first print on an fixed transparency, under this I adjust the paper I use for printing.

Here is the result from my 1st 4C*)-thermofax-handprinting:

4-Color Thermofax Hand-Printing, Postcard.

Here you can see the speckles the driver makes.
Happy printing

The Brother PJ723 likes it very clean, but when printig on the Gestetner-Film the plastic-surface evaporate.
To keep the Pocket-Jet clean you have to make one, ore two PRINTS on simple, clean paper.
*) 4color-seperation made with Photoshop.
Ok, after printing you can see nothing on the paper, but you can feel the plastic on the surface of the paper.

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