Saturday 8 May 2021

Thermofaxprint „quick&dirty“ with floating Motives & Material-Print

The Thermofaxprint "quick&dirty" with floating Motives. Size = A6

You know, that artworks often arises during their development process.
In prints, the motive usually is given.
Another point is, using thin things (leafs, feathers,…) in the lay-out of a (screen-, intaglio-)print.

The cheap thermo-copier with 200 dpi solution.

This time I did both: move/exchange the elements after every printing pass and use leafs and and parts of feathers.
For this I used the simple „China-Tattoo-Copier“ and the thermofax-master vom „Gestetner“ (now available from „Ricoh“).
Additional I covered the carrier (240 g/qm paper) with a thin, clear plastic film.
Between carrier and plastic film, I put the items.

The thermofax-master I printed as usually (see here).
For this trial I used the CMYK-colors, show the different levels more simple.
The pur printing-time is very short: for the 4 colors I need less then 2 hours (12 copies).
Between the 2nd. color, the prints needed 2 hours to dry, after the 3rd color I let them dry overnight.

For a quick result, I use the size of a postcard.
The „China-Tattoo-Copier“ is limited to the size of A4, but you can use this size (or a smaller one) as pattern for printing on bigger formats, or fabric (for example with T-Shirt-Colors). Similar to the traditional thermofax-print,.

The carrier with the covering plastic film.

The items for the yellow-print. Black paper, feathers.

Yellow printing with thermofax-master from "Gestetner" / "Ricoh"
The items for the magenta-print. Paper + leaf.

The items for the cyan-print. Paper + parts of feathers.

The leaf for the black-print.

Printed card in the stand.
Have a good print and stay healthy

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